Bayer Becker LEED Services

 Bayer Becker is committed to the sustainable design movement. All of our professionals collaborate throughout the design process to envision ways to minimize energy consumption, provide alternative circulation systems, improve water quality, minimize storm water runoff, eliminate natural resource waste and enhance the aesthetics of the project.

Our holistic design approach streamlines the timeline for deliverables, maximizes efficiencies, and provides for the highest quality solution while minimizing design revisions. All this culminates in a solution that is best for our client, our community and the environment. 


Bayer Becker has made the following assurances to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability: 


• LEED Accredited Professional Staff
Bayer Becker has USGBC Accredited Professionals representing each discipline of civil engineering, land planning and landscape architecture, experienced in facilitating teams throughout the sustainable design process. 


• LEED Registered and Certified project design
Bayer Becker has been involved in the design of a total of 11 LEED Registered or Certified projects and has employed sustainable strategies in many projects without utilizing the LEED rating system. 


• In-house Sustainable Design Committee
Our in-house committee strives to advance our knowledge of current sustainable design concepts and to incorporate new techniques into our work. By hosting internal sustainable education events, receiving advanced training, regularly attending sustainable educational events, and publishing “Knowledge Articles” to share this knowledge company wide, the committee serves to successfully integrate sustainability into our operations. 


This philosophy permeates our everyday lives and the way we run our offices, continually looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and waste, reuse materials and recycle where possible. 


• USGBC Support
Since 2004, Bayer Becker has made it a priority to support the USGBC nationally as a corporate member and also at the local level through involvement, financial support and membership.

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