Project Stats
Zaremba Group
Location Dayton, OH
Size 5.00 Acres

Services Provided:


    • Bidding Assistance
    • Change Order Review & Recommendation
    • Construction Document Conformance Verification
    • Field Records & Reporting
    • Meeting Document Preparation
    • Meeting Facilitation
    • Owner Representation
    • Post Construction As-builts
    • Punchlist & Closeout
    • Regular Site Visitation
    • Submittal Review

    • ALTA Surveys
    • Boundary Surveys
    • Easement Exhibits & Descriptions
    • Legal Descriptions
    • Location Surveys
    • Record Plans
    • Right-of-way Surveys & Drawings
    • Topographic Surveys
    • Utility As-Builts & Record Drawings

    • Dry Extended Detention Basin
    • Fore-Bay Basins
    • Grading & Earthwork Analysis
    • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis
    • Post-Construction Storm Water Quality Best Management Practices
    • Site Development
    • Storm Water Collection System
    • Storm Water Control Facilities
    • Waste Water Infrastructure
    • Water Supply Infrastructure

    • Due Diligence Research
    • Irrigation Plans
    • Planting Plans
    • Site Planning

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Project Highlight

The ability to coordinate the site design for Progressive Insurance’s new regional claims office in Dayton with the York Commons storm water and sanitary sewer improvements was vital.  Design for the York Commons storm sewer improvements had to account for an upstream 65 acre drainage area that drained to the north side of the site.  The 48 inch storm sewer was designed to handle the off-site runoff and had to be incorporated into the site development design for the Progressive Insurance project.  The designs were based on all the Progressive’s requirements while still meeting the rules and regulations of the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office and Butler Township.

In addition to the design of the infrastructure improvements and the site design, Bayer Becker was able to provide a single point of contact for Progressive Insurance, Butler Township, Montgomery County and the Zaremba Group, who served as the project’s developer, and was located out of town.  By serving as a single point of contact, Bayer Becker was able to provide a common voice for the coordination of the development as well as improvements to the surrounding storm and sanitary sewer.  This ability combined with familiarity with the Zaremba Group and the local jurisdiction requirements assisted Progressive Insurance in meeting a very tight schedule with an on schedule opening of their new claim center.

Bayer Becker also provided construction phase services for Butler Township for the project.  Bayer Becker's construction phase specialist served as the project representative.  Their duties included review of project schedules, attendance at job site meetings, serve as liasion between the project's engineer, contractor an owner, coordinate shop drawing and submittal review, conduct observations of contractor's work, record observations and review progress payments.

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