Project Stats
Life Enriching Communities
Location Montgomery, OH
Size 16.00 Acres

Services Provided:


    • Change Order Review & Recommendation
    • Post Construction As-builts
    • Shop Drawing Review
    • Submittal Review

    • Boundary Surveys
    • Construction Layout & Staking
    • Easement Exhibits & Descriptions
    • Legal Descriptions
    • Location Surveys
    • Record Plans
    • Topographic Surveys
    • Utility As-Builts & Record Drawings

    • Erosion Control Planning, Permitting & Inspection
    • Grading & Earthwork Analysis
    • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis
    • Site Development
    • Storm Water Collection System
    • Storm Water Control Facilities
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
    • Waste Water Collection System
    • Waste Water Infrastructure
    • Water Supply Infrastructure
    • Wet Extended Detention Basin

    • Access Management Plans
    • Intersection Design
    • Sight Distance Studies
    • Signing & Striping Plans

    • Irrigation Plans
    • Market Graphics
    • Planting Plans
    • Site Furnishing Selection
    • Zoning consultation

Project Principal

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Project Highlight

As a result of a 15 month master planning process, the twelve year old Twin Lakes received major upgrades and a significant expansion to its main campus in Montgomery, OH. Because the proposed expansion extended into the existing parking areas and drives, Bayer Becker was challenged to work within the existing site constraints to maximize the developable area and minimize the impacts to the Twin Lakes residents and neighboring businesses. This required some significant creative problem solving that involved zoning changes, variances, and equivalencies. Our team was able to provide the client with expertise in zoning and site plan development, working with the City Public Works, Zoning, and Fire Department to provide a comprehensive design solution. Additionally, our team prepared a utility plan to accommodate the proposed building’s demands while addressing existing conflicts.  This minimized relocating existing utilities during construction.

Bayer Becker worked closely with the City and adjacent land owners to address their concerns about additional traffic, providing the required buffers while maintaining key views and providing a safe and efficient parking layout. The adjacent dealership was concerned about sight lines into their sign being obstructed by street trees required by zoning requirements. Bayer Becker’s Landscape Architects collaborated with the dealership and the City to identify tree locations that met the spirit of the zoning code, while being sensitive to the dealership’s concerns. The final solution included shifting the planting locations to maximize sight lines into the sign and selecting a tree species with a narrow canopy that would allow maximum visibility from Montgomery Road.

As a senior living residential community, the project team created a safe and attractive space for residents, visitors, and staff. To do this, our team prepared a grading plan that minimized steep slopes in walking and parking areas, which also minimized storm sewers and construction costs. This strategy eliminated a retaining wall that saved $250,000 in construction costs. The team considered fire access requirements during the design process. In addition to providing the required buffer plantings at the perimeter of the site, the design team focused on key areas around the site to enhance the experience of residents, visitors and staff. The most prominent space is the central courtyard. Envisioned to be the hub of outdoor activity for the community, it is comprised of three interlocking rings that are defined by lush, mature plantings and paving materials that offer variety of textures and colors. A pergola structure serves as an informal stage located at the end of a paver field intended for seating during performances. The design of the space encourages community gatherings for outdoor dining, reading, or social events. Long term use and maintenance considerations were made during the design process, allowing easy navigation of maintenance equipment to access the interior facades of the buildings, while heavy duty pavement reduces the wear and tear over the years with minimal upkeep.

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