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Your project’s success hinges on the accuracy of your data and your ability to relate to it. Make sure you have the right perspective.

Geovisualization takes geospatial data one step further, allowing you to work with a more holistic view of your project, enabling you to make better decisions for your project with more confidence. Our team and technology creates a dynamic, survey accurate virtual world that seamlessly blends the existing environment and conceptual features. Our approach provides photo-realistic representations that will transform your vision from paper to an interactive experience.

Our team has always championed technological growth, flexibility, and expansion at every level of the business. When the market didn't offer a drone that would fit our specialized needs, we designed and built it from scratch, in-house.

Advanced geospatial analysis and 3D modeling generates a holistic representation of your site, allowing you to assess it from an unlimited number of perspectives.
Leveraging sUAS technology allows us to reduce mapping time from days or weeks to hours, while retaining the accuracy and precision of a traditional survey.
Multiple angles and millions of data points create the most reliable and precise geospatial positioning information available for the entirety of your project site.
Eliminate the need to traverse unknown or dangerous terrain. From visual documentation to advanced geovisual modeling, our team and technology can help you reduce your risk.
Our in-house sUAS pilot team will select the optimal vehicle and flight plan based on your site size, conditions, and deliverable goals. Multiple angles and control points will return millions of survey-accurate data points in a single flight.
The pilot team, surveyors, and engineers will compile the data collected and collaborate to optimize and organize the collected point clouds using industry leading software.
We have the capability to provide a variety of industry recognized deliverable formats and will model the data in your preferred format. Our team will integrate any conceptual elements into the finished geovisualization model.
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3D concept modeling
attract funding, investing
highlight site features & challenges
experience proposed environment
visibility & interactivity
point cloud fly through
measure distances, heights, & volumes with accuracy
safely map dangerous & non-uniform surfaces
visualize site challenges & opportunities
visual documentation
2D orthoimagery
GPS mapped video documentation
inspection photos
safely assess hazardous areas
deliverable options
classified point clouds
digital terrain models
full motion video
geotagged photos
high resolution orthorectified aerial imagery
3D models
low altitude aerial marketing photos
marketing concept graphics
point cloud renderings with fly throughs
site & construction documentation
video documentation
visibility studies
volumetric analysis
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