Project Stats
Mason City Schools
Location Mason, OH
Size 5 300.00 Linear Feet - Pipe

Services Provided:


    • Boundary Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys

    • Preliminary Budgeting/Final Cost Estimating
    • Water Supply Infrastructure

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Project Highlight

The ability to provide utility design, regardless of existing conditions was an important factor for the Mason City Schools.  Designed to provide domestic and fire service to the Mason High School and Community Center, the project consisted of a 5,300 linear foot water main loop interconnecting Mason-Montgomery Road to an adjacent residential neighborhood.  The path of the main ran through multiple areas, including a city park with soccer fields, a private golf course, and in between houses in a residential neighborhood. 

Each area posed its own set of issues.  For the soccer fields, specific seed mixtures were required to help restore the fields.  For the golf course portion, directional drilling was used to span the golf course without any disturbance.  Finally for the residential portion, design was restricted to a narrow width, reducing impacts to the residents.

In addition to design, Bayer Becker provided bid quantities and an Engineer’s Estimate of Probable Cost was put together for public bidding purposes. Bayer Becker also handled Ohio Environmental Protection Association permitting on the project.


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