Project Stats
Kentucky Sanitation District No.1
Location Fort Mitchell, KY
Size 100.00 Acres

Services Provided:


    • Bidding Assistance
    • Change Order Review & Recommendation
    • Construction Quality Assurance
    • Field Records & Reporting
    • Meeting Document Preparation
    • Meeting Facilitation
    • Monitor Construction Code Compliance
    • Owner Representation
    • Post Construction As-builts
    • Punchlist & Closeout
    • Regular Site Visitation
    • Submittal Review

    • Easement Exhibits & Descriptions
    • Location Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys

    • Erosion Control Planning, Permitting & Inspection
    • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis
    • Storm Water Collection System
    • Storm Water Control Facilities
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
    • Street Reconstruction
    • Waste Water Collection System

    • Roadway Design

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Project Highlight

Bayer Becker is engaged by the Northern Kentucky Sanitation District No.1 to perform analyses and design work, and to prepare detailed construction drawings for the Fort Mitchell Pleasant Ridge Private and Public Source I/I Removal Project. The project area is highly developed and features aged and rehabilitated infrastructure. Bayer Becker was selected to analyze the existing infrastructure, compose recommendations and create designs based on that analysis. All while simultaneously meeting with the homeowners regarding the project.

The Sanitation District tasked Bayer Becker with several goals: 1) eliminate I/I and overflow sewage and storm water volumes, 2) remove illicit connections and other sources of bacteria from the storm sewer system, 3) evaluate the existing condition of the sanitary and storm sewer systems and recommend rehabilitation or replacement of the same, and 4) improve storm water quality and reduce storm water runoff quantity.

The design team evaluated the condition of the existing storm and sanitary infrastructure, prepared hydrologic and hydraulic models of the existing and proposed storm water systems, identified a preferred design alternative based on a cost benefit analysis, prepared construction bid documents, and performed construction administration duties.  Bayer Becker added value by creating home owner information packets and meeting with the individual homeowners regarding the project and conveying to them its benefits as well as how it may affect their individual property.

In addition to design, Bayer Becker's construction phase specialist served as the Resident Project representative.  His duties included review of project schedules, attendance at job site meetings, coordinating the project engineer, contractor and owner, shop drawing coordination and submittal review, contractor observation and progress payment review.  Bayer Becker also implemented an internet based records system that enabled the owner and engineer to review progress reports and photographs of the contractor’s work in real-time. This real-time access to project information facilitated quick resolution to field issues and promoted team communication.

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